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Dundee Powder Coatings

We are Dundee's Leading Powder Coating company providing repairs and powder coating to a wide range of applications from gates and fences, to alloy wheels!

Powder Coating Services

Powder coating is a high quality, protective coating for a large range of products from your home radiators to alloy wheels.

We have a large 4.3 x 4m Powder Coating Oven, which reaches a temperature of around 200 degrees. This ensures the coating on your products seals and spreads perfectly with each and every coat application.

We have designed and built the ovens for all sizes of jobs from single wheels to large industrial gates and anything in between that you need powder coated plus our skilled powder coating specialists can give you the best advice about which type and colour of coats to apply for an attractive look and long lasting durability.

Powder coating as an application will provide a long lasting, durable coat to any metalwork. The coating is water resistant and is an excellent barrier to prevent scratches and abrasions to any metal surface.

One of Scotland LARGEST Powder Coating Ovens

Our large powder coating oven can hold any items up to around 4.3 x 4m (thats around 4.8meters in diagonal).

As our oven is so big we do not need to coat and cook your parts individually. This means we can accommodate all types and sizes of jobs or multiple jobs at the same time ensure jobs are done correctly and save customer money by being able to do multiple jobs at the same time.

We specialise in the following applications:

  • Alloy Wheels - coating and refurbishing
  • Household and office radiators
  • Garden and industrial gates and fences
  • Windows sills
  • Motorbike frames
  • Car Subframes, driveshafts etc..

For more information about any of our Powder Coating services please feel free to drop in to our workshop in Smith Street Dundee or call on today on 01382 826073.